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At 2SQR we value what you value! App Access gives you peace of mind that whether monetary or sentimental, with 2sqr, lost has a better chance of being found.

A 2SQR Tag has a 1st square where you get to design your personal brand and a 2nd square where a unique QR code helps in returning lost items. Often valuables are misplaced in your immediate circle such as your neighborhood, work, school, church etc. In these settings an identifying brand can be all that is needed to track them back to you. That same brand next to a powerful QR code with a ‘scan to contact owner’ prompt, increases the likelihood that a finder will recognize that the item belongs to someone. The scan then initiates an anonymous, real-time communication for a safe return.

It’s as simple as Scan-Connect-Recover

Anyone with a smartphone, android or iOS, can scan your tag as they come across a lost item. No batteries or bluetooth required. 

With real-time scan notifications, the 2SQR app allows you to keep information safe and connect anonymously with a finder to recover items.

You can message to recover items safely that are nearby, in another city and beyond!

Let 2SQR Tags and App help you adventure with greater peace of mind that what you value is protected. 

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