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What is 2SQR?

2SQR, that’s “2 Square” gets its name from the unique ability to personally brand your in square 1 and then have a scannable QR code in square 2, all on one tag! Along with the tags you have App access that allows you to easily profile your valuables.

What is a 2SQR Tag?

A 2SQR Tags is a durable poly/vinyl adhesive tag that holds two powerful squares for the safe recovery of lost items. The first square includes your customized personal brand and the second square holds a dynamic QR code specific to each of your valuables.

What does the 2SQR app access do?

Within the app you can profile your valuables. Once you tag, scan and profile your items, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are labeled and traceable if someone finds a lost item. The old way was markers and asking “did you have your name on it?” To the new way, “Did you have a 2SQR on it?”

When a lost item is found and scanned, an anonymous and real-time communication is started between the owner(you) and the finder to facilitate a safe return.

Why 2SQR?

Losing items is frustrating, time consuming and costly! 2SQR Tags and the 2SQR App help you to track valuables and get them back in the event of loss.

What kind of valuables should I Tag?

You can place a 2SQR tag on virtually any item where it can adhere to a clean, dry surface. Some surfaces perform better than others, but you have many options! They’re pretty tough!
***While not completely waterproof, single 2SQR tags have been through the dishwasher hundreds of times without wearing out. So tag things like: Hydro Flasks, Airpods, drones, bikes and helmets, kids sports equipment, retainers cases, portable speakers or gaming devices, pickleball paddles, tools, phones or laptops, cameras...the list goes on and on.

How do I get started and get 2SQR Tags?

Get the app!

Design your tags. Receive tags in the mail. Tag items. Scan. Profile. Items protected. Enjoy peace of mind!

Click here to download app.

Will I be notified when one of my items is found and scanned?

Yes, with an active profile you will receive real-time notifications of all scans. ***Ensure notifications are on within the app! This notification begins the anonymous messaging that helps you safely recover lost items. Pretty amazing right!?!

What information does the finder see when my item is scanned?

When an item is scanned, a real-time anonymous communication is opened between the owner(you) and the finder. The finder only sees the specified item name and a return message. You choose how and where to recover items? For example you can, within the app, update a real-time return message attached to a specific item. Currently says; “please return.” You can also change message to express; “I am still at the event center and this camera has priceless wedding photos and videos, please return!” It is your choice and in your control to offer a finder reward or any further information.

Does 2SQR guarantee that I will get my valuable back?

We wish we could, but 2SQR simply increases the chances of a finder recognizing that something belongs to a person and then enables them to engage with you for a safe return.

Does a finder have to have the App?

No, A finder does not need the app and anyone connected to the internet can simply scan with an IOS or Android device.

How can I see my 2SQR tag orders?

Go to my orders within the app.

How do I upgrade from a trial or monthly access package?

You can upgrade from Menu in app. Simply click on the upgrade now button.

How do I cancel?

We are sorry to see you go. Please leave us feedback on how we can do better so we can grow. The Annual Package has a 90 day money back guarantee.(after 90 days you will have the year access paid in full.)
The Monthly Access Package can cancel anytime.
***Remember items are only scannable with an active profile. You can cancel here. See terms and conditions.

Can I keep my current profiled items intact if I cancel ?

Yes, 2SQR holds your profile for 1 year and it can be restored at any time.

How do I restore my app profile access?

I cancelled by mistake or need to restore or reactivate my profile.

Can I update my brand square?

After the initial selection of "Your Brand,” within the app, the brand is then linked to your profile and the tag printed. In the event that you do need to update, you can do so in the app menu or click here to change your brand.
***Note that you do pay shipping and handling to update your brand and have additional tags sent.

How do I contact 2SQR?

Contact Us info@2sqr.app

How do I add a new item to an existing 2SQR profile?

Follow the guidelines on the home screen of the app and your tag sheet. You can also add items with the ‘scan new item’ button within My 2SQRs.

  1. Place tag on item
  2. Scan tag
  3. Profile item...boom protected!

What if I need more tags?

If you are loving tagging your items and need more tags, you can always order more of your personal branded tags for $9.99/20 tags.

Shop Tags

We’ve made them tough, however, if a tag does wear and can’t be scanned, before the 3 year mark, we’ve got your back! If you have more than 5 tags wear out just message us.

2SQR will replace a sheet of 20 tags per year. See terms and conditions.

How do I tell my friends about 2SQR?

It’s called Scan Share! Who doesn’t love to share a good thing! We are glad that you are loving 2SQR. Allowing someone to scan one of your tags is a great way to show its function and power. There is a link at the bottom of the finders screen upon scan that prompts for app download. Also, as the app holder, look for future added features and programs as we grow!

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